The Hotel History

The Montclair was built as a getaway resort for families in the capital and the surrounding farming communities in 1949 by Mr. J.R.A Smith. He named the completed sixty-four bed-roomed house Dannakay catering lodge after his two daughters Danna and Kay. The Dannakay was later renamed the Nyanga Mountain Hotel. In the early 1960s the hotel was renamed Montclair Mountains Hotel.

During the year 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Lound bought the hotel and called it Montclair Hotel. This duo did not operate for long before selling the establishment to Lonrho who changed the hotel to Montclair after Mr. Lound‘s faithful dog.

During the years from 1980 to 1987 the rooms changed in number from 64 to 85 and it is during this time that the staff cottages were built, More so, Mr. Landay Ferreira and Mr. Benata bought the hotel and leased it to Grinaker, a company which had subsidiary units like Kariba Battery, Jaggers and other various construction companies who then brought in Holiday Inn to manage the hotel, and called the hotel The Holiday Inn Mountain Hotel. 

Owing to the strong financial background of Rennies Granken’s Montclair developed along different facets during this time, the Casino was built, a state of the art sewerage disposal system was built, the group also constructed the beverages cellar, extended the maintenance workshop and furthermore it increased the storeroom area.

In the year 1987, the Zimbabwe Sun Hotels took over the management of the hotel and called it Montclair Casino Hotel. The service provision from the casino was exceptional and this resulted in the hotel gaining an additional star to its rating from three to four stars.

In 1997, the Briolette Services (Pvt) Limited, a consortium of indigenous businessmen bought the hotel and called it the Montclair Hotel and Casino Private Limited and are running it to date.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values.

  • Vision. To be the resort and gaming destination of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond

  • Mission. To satisfy stakeholder needs through offering exceptional hospitality and gaming services.

  • Values. Teamwork, Integrity, Passion, Efficiency & Excellence


What makes Montclair Hotel and Casino different from all the other hotels and cottages in the Nyanga mountain range?

  • Montclair hotel is the only one that features an in-house Casino 
  • Montclair has the largest room compliment in Nyanga at 85 rooms
  • Montclair boasts of the largest conference facilities in the Nyanga area
  • Excellent Food and Service. Award winning chefs with lots of skill and expertise
  • 9 Hole Golf course in association with Claremont Orchards and the Golf Club Committee

Why people should travel to Nyanga/Juliasdale?

  • Amazing Juliasdale weather, which a lot of visitors have likened to Cape Town weather 
  • Nyanga is home to a lot of attractions e.g. Mutarazi Falls, at 772 meters, is the highest in Zimbabwe, second highest in Africa and 6th highest in the World. Mutarazi falls has great adrenalin activities such as the Skywalk and Zipline. Nyanga is also home to the mysterious Mt. Inyangani, Nyangombe falls and a lot of wildlife in the National park.