A visit to World's View in the Little Connemara lakes area of the Eastern Highlands mountain range above Troutbeck, is a must for the visitor. It is the highest point in the country that can be driven to and has a breath-taking 270⁰ outlook from the toposcope. The property is set high on a hill that allows for stunning views of the surrounding landscape. From an altitude of 2000m the escarpment drops 600m to the plain below. On top of the hill there is the large circular Astra Toposcope with numerous plaques of black granite around the perimeter with radiating lines indicating the direction and direct distance to thirty cities, towns and places of interest.


National Parks Entry Fees:

  • $5 Adults
  • $2.5 Kids
  • $5 Cars
  • $30 Bus
  • $30 Mini Bus

Rates quoted in USD and are subject to change without notice.