The Mutarazi Falls

Highest waterfall in Zimbabwe - second-highest waterfall in Africa.

Sky Walk & Sky Line at Mutarazi

A truly unique experience in Zimbabwe, only 33kms from Montclair

The Pungwe Gorge & Falls

42kms from Montclair, the Pungwe Gorge and Falls can be viewed from the scenic Pungwe viewpoint.

Mt. Nyangani

The highest mountain in Zimbabwe. Only 26kms from Montclair.

Fly Fishing

The finest fly fishing in Zimbabwe. Only 18kms from Montclair.

Nyangombe Falls

Cascading waterfalls on the western tip of the Nyanga National Park. 14kms from Montclair.

Nyamuziwa Falls

Beautiful cascading waterfall.

Trout Hatchery

Source of game fish

The World's View

Visit World's View in little Connemara, the highest point in Zimbabwe accessible by car.

Natural Swimming Pool

12kms from Montclair

National Parks Entry Fees:

  • $50 Adults
  • $25 Kids
  • $10 Cars
  • $30 Bus
  • $24 Mini Bus

Tour guides are available for hire at $250/Hour